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FROST LAWS ARE IN EFFECT AS OF (March 15, 2021): County permits do NOT authorize use of county roads during weight restrictions. Contact the Mercer County Highway Department (701)873-5586 before using any County Road. Count Road 25 West of Hwy 49 to Coyote Creek Mine, County Road 17 from ND 200 South to County Road 20, County Road 21 North of Hwy 200 to the Y, County Road 26 West and a portion of County Road 15 up to Coteau Properties has a weight limit of 105,500; anything over this requires an overweight permit. Over-length and over-width regulations and fees still apply.

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    • Agricultural
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      Annual Agricultural permit application (NOT VALID DURING FROST LAWS)

    • Commercial Agricultural
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      Commercial Agricultural (NOT VALID DURING FROST LAWS)

    • Earth Moving Equipment
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      Earth Moving Equipment

    • Mobile Home
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      Mobile Home movement

    • Overlength
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      An overlength permit is needed for over 75 feet

    • Overweight
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      Overweight single move permit application

    • Overwidth
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      Overwidth permit is needed for over 8.5 feet

    • Plant(s) Road Permit
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      Permit application for Use only for movement to/from (Coyote Creek Mine, Dakota Gasification, Antelope Valley Station, Coteau Properties Mine.)

    • Workover Rigs & Crane
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      Workover Rigs & Crane

Non-Compliance Moving Permit